Wallet and Affiliate Policy

www.SketchYard.com and SkethYard is a brand name of PractoMind Solutions LLP. This page define affiliate and wallet rules. Please go through the below details for our affiliate and wallet policy.

Affiliate and e-Wallet Rules:

  1. Only registered user can be an affiliate of SketchYard and will be provided with a referral link through the e-wallet page. He/She will also be eligible for all regular cash back and other reward programs.
  2. We use your user name to create a referral link.
  3. Member gets Rs. 100 as a new user himself.
  4. Member gets Rs. 10 for every product review.
  5. You get Rs. 1 for every visit made using your referral link and Rs. 100 if the user registers with us.
  6. All members get unlimited cash back with 10% cashback of their cart value (Shipping Charges if any is also taken into consideration). Minimum cart value should be more that Rs. 1000.
  7. The 10% cashback is decided on the cart value excluding any taxes. For example if you cart total is Rs. 1000 (Including Taxes) then the base price is Rs. 847.45 and you get a cashback at 10% of Rs. 84.74.
  8. The cashback of 10% does not count coupon discounts applied in the cart. For example for a Rs. 1500 order if you get Rs. 500 discount using coupon then also you get the cashback as explained in example of point no 7 above.
  9. There is no expiry of wallet money and no limit on maximum wallet amount.
  10. You can also add money to your wallet without any charges. Min top up amount is Rs. 100 and maximum top up amount is Rs. 1000 per transaction.
  11. Wallet money can not be withdrawn to your bank account or other means, you can only use the same for ordering products and services from us.
  12. Wallet money can not be used while opting for deposit option but it can be used in conjunction with any coupon for fully paid orders.
  13. We also refund partially paid orders to the wallet in case of cancellations.
  14. You get mail notification on every wallet transaction.

The above policies may change form time to time at managements decision and we may not be liable to intimate the same to you. Please refer this page from time to time.