Art Store Policies and SkethYard is a brand name of PractoMind Solutions LLP. These SkecthYard Art Store Program Policies (“Program”) are entered into by PractoMind Solutions LLP (“we” or “SketchYard”) and the person entering into these Terms electronically (“you” or “Artist”). You agree that the Policies govern your participation in SketchYard ArtStore services which are available to you through your registration of an Artist account with SketchYard (“SketchYard Art Store Program”).

The Art Store Program

At SketchYard we aim to help budding Artists and Students to showcase there art collection to the world and help them monetize their work. We will help you to sell your art at your price and leave everything to us. We will list your product and sell it at your given price point and will deduct a small commission amount after the sale of the Art pieces.


The desired Artist have to first register themselves with SketchYard by providing the required details through a form hosted at . You have to provide your basic personal information, and banking information for the payments of sales revenue.

Our team will access your profile and will take a decision based on your submitted information and art pieces verification. If we found your art works suitable for sale we will contact you for submitting your art information to us.

Art Store Listing , Ownership/Copyright and Privacy

You have to provide us the details as required for listing of your art pieces in a specific format along with a desired sales price. You may also be asked to provide a bit detailed information about you to create a separate artist page for you at and we will use the same to showcase all your arts at a single place.

You retain all your rights to your submitted art pieces and we will also protect the same by watermarking their digital images to be uploaded in SketchYard for piracy protection. You can remove your art pieces from our listing by writing to

By entering to this terms you also grant us an non-exclusive right to showcase, promote and sale your art pieces through and other Digital and Offline Platforms as we seem to be suitable. All your provided data is safe with us and is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Sales, Payout, Commission and Order Handling

SketchYard will help to sell your product at your desired price and will charge a flat commission of 20% on every sales. The 20% commission breakup includes 12% as GST, Packaging and Shipping Costs to be born by us in processing orders on your behalf.

We provide our customers with a 50% deposit option and the same will also be applicable for all the products listed on our Art Store. The below are the sales payout process,

  1. Please note that you have to provide us with a framed version of your art piece once we receive an order for the same.
  2. You have to store your listed art pieces in good condition till the sales with you and we have to ship the framed product to us after the first payout. This shipping cost will also to be borne by you and you have to make sure the art piece reaches us in perfect condition for further processing. Please follow the below shipping guidelines to ensure safe handling during the transit.
  3. You have to price your products in considering the above costs. Our team will also help you in pricing your products perfectly.
  4. We will continue to give wallet cashback of 10% to all our buyers at our own cost and will not charge any commission on the same.
  5. The decided price will be inclusive of taxes.
  6. All your payouts will be directly transferred to your provided bank account after every sales order we receive. The NEFT process may take 2-3 days time.
  7. You will be paid 50% advance after deducting our commission once your art/product is ordered. For example if your sales price is Rs. 1000, then our commission is Rs. 200. In this case once we receive the order we will pay you Rs. 300 (Rs. 500-Rs. 200) as the first payout.
  8.  After receiving your first payout you have to send your art pieces to us and we will again repack it and ship it to the customer.
  9. You will receive your second payout of the remaining 50% once the product is shipped by us to the end customer. For example, as explained in point no 5 above you will receive the remaining Rs. 500 in your account. In total you will receive Rs. 800 as your payout.
  10. In case of damage of the frames we will replace it our end and will deduct the charges if any from your second payout.
  11. We will sale your products at SketchYard with no Return or Cancellation policy for the end customer to minimize loss to both of us.
  12. Please make sure you do not sell the art prices of your own without intimating to us in writing at Upon receiving the request we will remove your product listing within 2-3 days and will confirm the same to you. In case you sell the same with out intimating us we may bar you from selling further products on our platform.
  13. You also have to sell and provide us with only the original art piece and the same will be crossed checked on receiving your art pieces. In case it is found that you have provided us with a copy of the original art we may choose to retain your hold payouts and bar you from selling further products on our platform.

Packaging and Shipping Guidelines

As you retain the products at your custody till a sales happen on the website, you have to store it well and once the sell happens you have to pack and ship it to us in good condition. Please follow the below guidelines for the same.

  1. Please frame all your products without glass. You may choose to laminate the art piece before framing it.
  2. Protect the corners of the frame well with protectors, bubble wrap it and on the final packaging use thick cardboard.
  3. Print a shipping label with “Fragile Item, Handel With Care” tag.
  4. Ship it to us through reputed courier partners like BlueDart, DHL, FedEx, etc and always opt the insurance.
  5. We are also working to help you with providing courier partners for your convenience.

Promotions and Discounts

  1. You grant us right to run promotions and discounts from time to time as required to increase sales on your products.
  2. The maximum promotion discount will be capped at 20% and we will intimate you regarding a promotional campaign.
  3. In case of sales during a promotional campaign your payout will be calculated based on the final sales price post discounts.
  4. You may choose to opt out of any promotions.
  5. We will continue to give wallet cashback of 10% to all our buyers at our own cost and will not charge any commission on the same.

Handling of Minor Artists

  1. If you are a minor and want to sell your art pieces we have provision to help you out.
  2. Artist Name should be your name.
  3. You have to provide contact number, mail id and bank account details of your parents only.
  4. We will sign a special declaration with your parents/guardians and will ask you for supporting documents.
  5. All the communications and payouts will be with your parents/guardians only.

Legal Disputes

All the legal disputes if any will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Odisha at Cuttack.

We are free to change this policy anytime with intimation to you over mail and you are required to visit this page regularly to be updated. In case of any further question please reach to us at or use our contact form.