Announcing SketchYard Art Store

Published by Abhisek Panda on

We are happy to announce one if its kind SketchYard Art Store for everyone who want to showcase their art to the world. At SketchYard we aim to help budding Artists and Students to to showcase there art collection to the world and help them monetize their work. We will help you to sell your art at your price and leave everything to us. We will list your product and sell it at your given price point and will deduct a small commission amount after the sale of the Art pieces.

With the launch of SketchYard Art Store we aim to address some of the below points to help budding artists and students community,

  • Provide a platform to show case the art work to the world.
  • Develop a platform to help monetize the art works by undiscovered artists.
  • Build a robust community of undiscovered artists and help them learn from each other.
  • Help art lovers to find their favorite art at a genuine price.

We have made our policies simple, transparent and is publicly available at our Art Store Policies Page. The process is simple and the desired Artist have to first register themselves with SketchYard by providing the required details through a form hosted at .

Our team will then contact them to create an artist profile page and upload art pieces in the art store as per the defined process. We will keep improving our program based on your feedback and aim high to build one of India’s largest art lover community.



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